Our DTF Transfers: Perfect for Every Fabric, Every Time!

Seamlessly transfer any design onto any material or fabric & more, ensuring lasting quality. No setup fees, no order minimums, rapid shipping, and our unwavering satisfaction guarantee.

  • Upload Your Designs and Place Order Online

    Unleash your creativity with unlimited color options and intricate artwork. Seamlessly upload your preferred design, and watch it transform into a premium direct-to-film transfer of unparalleled quality.

  • Precision Printing and Expedited Shipping within 24 Hours

    Discover our refined DTF transfer process, resulting in meticulously crafted, full-color transfers. We take pride in our commitment to quality and efficiency, ensuring your order is shipped within 2 business days (rush options available)

  • Easy Application and Long-Lasting Results, 0 Waste

    Easily apply your DTF transfer: use a heat press or Cricut set to 300°F (or 280°F for delicates), medium-heavy pressure for 8-12 seconds, instant peel (cold peel small details/text) press again with teflon sheet for added durability. Store indefinitely.

Experience the Ultimate Freedom: Print Any Design on Any Product, for Everyone!

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Our Premium DTF (Direct to Film) Transfers. Whether you're a small shop, a passionate hobbyist, or a renowned brand, our top-tier transfers empower you to imprint any design on any product. From vibrant whites to rich solids, smooth gradients to intricate lines – there are virtually no boundaries to what we can bring to life!

Press on everything

DTF Transfer Supply transfers shine exactly where you expect them to. Easily press on:

  • 100% cotton
  • Cotton/Poly Blends
  • Spandex
  • Canvas & more

Hoodies, jackets and almost any other textile you can think of will work great with our transfers

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Create unique items

Specialty textiles and apparel? NO PROBLEM!Our customers even press on:

  • Nylon bags / jackets
  • Twill
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Foam

Unleash your creativity & let us know what else you discover!

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Features of our DTF Transfers

No more second guessing your artwork, product style, or product color combination. Our high quality DTF transfers are brighter, more durable, stretchier, and higher detail than any other transfer company.


  1. Vibrant Colors
  2. Crisp Whites
  3. Borderless Designs
  4. Same transfer for multiple products
  5. Intricate Details
  • Awesome Color Contrast

    Ensuring accurate and vibrant colors is at the heart of our commitment to exceptional DTF transfers. When you choose us, you can trust that your colors will shine brilliantly on every garment, regardless of the color combination. Prepare to be amazed repeatedly by the remarkable brightness and beauty that your DTF transfer designs will bring to your products. Our dedication to color excellence guarantees a consistently stunning outcome that will leave you truly impressed.
  • Versatile transfers

    Experience the Unmatched Advantages of DTF Transfers: Easier Application, Cleaner Results, and Lasting Brilliance. But that's not all – our transfers offer an exceptional level of versatility. Imagine using the same transfer across a spectrum of different apparel colors, achieving consistently outstanding outcomes. With superior durability and flexibility, DTF transfers redefine your expectations, setting a new standard for transfer excellence.
  • Stretchability means Durability

    Our durability is showcased through the stretch test. When you stretch our transfers you'll quickly see that no cracks or tears will appear. Moreover, we've conducted extensive (60+) wash testing + high heat dry cycles, revealing minimal deterioration due to our unique fusion of film, ink, powder, and pressing technique.
  • Fine detail on intricate designs

    Explore Limitless Creative Possibilities with Our DTF Transfers. Curious? Dive into a World of Endless Imagination, where Every Pressed Transfer and Design Order Unveils Transformative Results. Our unwavering dedication to excellence guarantees a consistently astonishing experience as you discover the exceptional quality and versatility that our transfers bring to your creations.
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What is a DTF transfer?

DTF, an abbreviation for Direct To Film, represents a cutting-edge printing technique. This advanced process entails the direct printing of intricate designs and vibrant colors onto a specialized film, which is then seamlessly transferred onto diverse materials like cotton, polyester, and linen. Achieved with a remarkably brief application time of as little as 8 seconds using a heat press, DTF transfers stand as the epitome of durability, top-tier quality, and unparalleled color brilliance, setting a new standard for excellence in the realm of transfers.

What is the minimum I can order?

No Minimums! Whether you need 1 gang sheet or a thousand, we take care of our customers.

What kind of press do I need?

We recommend a commercial heat press for optimal results. However, you can also use a regular iron or Cricut if that's what you have available.

What is the minimum I can order?

No Minimums! Whether you need 1 or 100,000 we can do itI!

What sizes are available?

Our sizes range from 22" x 2' (2 foot gang sheets to 22" x 20' (20 foot gang sheets) and above

How do transfers hold up in the wash?

Our transfers have been tested through up to 60 wash & dryer cycles before noticeable degradation.

How quickly can I get my order?

Orders ship within 2 business days with rush options available

What file format should my artwork be?

For optimal results, we recommend using vector art. If you're working with raster art, ensure a minimum of 300 dpi. We prefer file formats like .AI, .PDF, and .EPS. However, we also accept .TIF and .PNG files.

What is your refund policy?

We take full responsibility for our work. Should you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will ensure we make it right.

Heat pressing instructions in 3 easy steps

  • Place Transfer

    Place your transfer flat atop your product
  • Press

    Press with medium to heavy pressure for 8 to 12 seconds. We recommend 8 seconds at 300°F
  • Peel

    Instantly peel the transfer (We recommend cold peeling if you have fine details such as small text). Second press with a teflon sheet for best results